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Newly launched website looks to pave the way for new enquiries

14/05/20 | Web

Hertfordshire based Ashley Paving’s launched their new website this week helping them move away from a tiresome, unresponsive website that had been previously damaging their SEO and chances of attracting new business.

When Ashley Paving first approached Nettl Watford, they didn’t necessarily want to say goodbye to their old website but they were aware that a (total) lack of responsiveness was damaging their chances of attracting interest from mobile users. Built solely in HTML the existing site was not adapting to various screen sizes and as a result, Google (other search engines available) was not looking fondly upon it.

By rebuilding the site in WordPress, the Ashley Paving website is now fully responsive and capable of providing users with a seemless mobile experience. Along the way the Nettl Web Team made subtle tweeks to the overall ‘look and feel’ of the website, bringing the whole website up to date and even better, future-proof!

The website features a portfolio of services and provides a wealth of imagery showing off past projects.

Visit the new Ashley Paving website here!