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What and why?

What is social media?

Social media is a website or app that enables users to create and share content. Most of these platforms are widely recognised even by those who don’t care to partake – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest and so on. The beauty of being able to create and share content on these platforms is that it’s instant and you can control who sees it.

Why use it to advertise?

Social media is arguably the easiest way to advertise your product or business to your desired target audience. When you sign up to social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, 99 times out of 100 you’ll submit personal information such as age, gender and location. Beyond that, you’ll offer up little nuggets of information about your hobbies and interests as you continue to explore and engage with posts and articles. Turns out these ‘little nuggets’ are pure gold for advertisers as they can now target unique demographics of which to serve their adverts to, rather than waste valuble marketing budget on the wrong kind of person.

Start a Social Media Campaign today from only £99
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Example of Social Media Advertising

Peggy owns a pub in the middle of a busy market town in the suburbs of London, which by coincidence sounds a lot like Watford. Peggy wants to promote ‘Ladies Karaoke Night’ which takes place on the first Friday of every month.

Peggy is familiar with social media but isn’t quite sure how to go about advertising on her favourite platforms so gives the experts at Nettl Watford a call. Peggy explains her intentions and offers a reasonable budget of £200 a month to start advertising.

The most important thing about setting up a social media marketing campaign is to identify the correct target market. ‘LADIES Karaoke Night’ is the first clue. There’s no point targeting men for this particular campaign so we can just target women, specifically to save money.

The next obvious factor is attracting customers within a reasonable radius of the actual event venue. To enhance our chances of reaching the locals we can look at targeting women who live or work within 5 kilometers of Peggy’s postcode.

Lastly, Peggy is keen to avoid underage drinkers and is aware some older folk may not appreciate the loud noise her Karaoke Night will inevitably bring so we set a target age range of 21 to 55. Supported by an engaging graphic (created by Nettl Watford, of course), we set a budget of £6.50 per day (approx £200 a month)
Peggy’s modest budget means her lovely new advert is destined to find itself on the timelines and news feeds of over 1,500 local ladies and in turn attract some new and existing punters to come along to her brand new ‘Ladies Karaoke Night’! Peggy can increase or decrease budget and start and stop her campaign freely.
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